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Aquatherm®SP is a thermal negative plate that is both environmentally and budget friendly. Fast laser imaging speed allows for increased press productivity, while off-press development with water lowers chemical costs and reduces harm to the environment. After development with water, Aquatherm®SP plates can be post-exposed with UV exposure units normally used to expose PS plates or can be post-baked for over 1 million impressions with normal and UV inks. AquaTherm®SP plate is suitable for both sheetfed and web offset presses.
Plate Non-ablative thermal negative plate with wide operating latitude, optional post UV exposure or post baking for extremely long runs with normal and UV inks.
Thickness available 0.15mm (.006”), 0.20mm (.008”), 0.30mm (.012”) and 0.40mm (.015”).
Spectra sensitivity 800-850 nm
Platesetter compatibility Any suitable thermal platesetters available from Agfa, Kodak, Heidelberg, Screen and Presstek
Laser energy required 75 - 125 mJ/cm2
Resolution 1% to 98 % @ 300 lpi.
FM capability 20 micron stochastic.
Processors Any suitable processors for thermal positive and negative plates.
Developer Water and 1.0 % NP1 Processor Cleaner.
Plate finisher Recommended to use ML140G Plate Finisher.
Processing 30 seconds dwell time at temperature between 23 and 30 °C.
Post UV exposure 2 - 3 minutes under any UV exposure unit using for PS plates.
Post baking conditions Apply ML140B Baking Gum before baking
- Static oven: 220 – 230oC for a duration of 3 – 5 minutes
- Online oven: 240oC for a duration of 4 minutes
Run length 100,000 impressions unbaked and more than 1 million impressions with post UV esposed or post baked.
Actual run length may vary according to press, ink and paper conditions.
Safelight 2 hours under white light and 4 hours under yellow light.
Shelf life 12 months under recommended storage conditions
Packaging Available in all standard formats including bulk packaging options
Transport and storage Store plates flat in their packaging at a temperature below 25oC with relative humidity between 40 and 70%
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